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Question: My son was 3 yr and 3 months old he was not talking properly not able to talk fluent

Answer: Hi dear, if baby is forming words and saying mama papa is fine. Also slowly they have fluency also but don't worry. Try to talk and explain the surrounding to baby and give lots of chance to talk. Take care
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Question: My son was 2yrs old still he not talking fluent like i need milk
Answer: Hello, There is no need of worrying since your child just 2 years. Some learn to talk fastly others take time. If your child speaks small words or expresses his needs in other little words then there is no reason for worrying. If you feel your child is not talking fluently allow your child to play with kids, children learn fastly and happy if they are with other kids. Or you teach him politly how to say this nd that when he is playing around may be this could help.
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Question: My son is 3 year's 7 months old but he is not talking properly
Answer: Keep interact with your babies with actions . All the time keep talking with you baby... Playing rhymes and song is good to make talk easier.
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Question: My son is 2 years and 8 months old he does not talk .he only says 5to 6 words.how i can help him for talking to others
Answer: Hello dear Babies take their time in walking teething and talking. We just can't push them on dis. Wt v can do is assist them. Sometimes babies are scared to let go of their standing support and walk thinking they will fall and hurt them selves. Some think y take extra effort whn crawling gets them everywhere. Take ur baby on the bed n then try giving ur baby their favorite chocolate. Or toy. With little push from u he ll be able to walk soon.
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