3 months old baby

Question: My son sleep 6 to 10hrs continue at night without feeding its have any problem.

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Answer: Hi, dear baby is only 3 months and 6-10 hour gap in feed is alot for baby this can cause weight loose in baby. So you have to set a time at night and feed after every 2-3 hours. Let bbay feed in sleep its important for baby..
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    Raunica Baweja746 days ago

    If there are 6to 7 wet diapers and weight gain is fine then there shoild be no problem if baby sleeps so long at night time. When the baby is awake if its playing n active then it should be fine

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Question: Is it ok for my 4 nd half month baby to continuesly sleep at night for 6 hours without feeding?
Answer: Hi dear I know dis topic is very difficult to define. As even I was very sceptical and feeling bad when baby is sleeping right and I have to wake him up to feed. But there is a logic. As baby is found of sleeping and in the feeling of sleep baby miss d feed which may affect baby weight. So better u can wake ur baby and feed or can try to teach dream sleep. It will help baby gaining weight and stay full
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Question: How many hours can baby sleep at night without feeding??
Answer: 3 to 4 hrs ... sometimes baby can't express hungryness..plz do not wait for that ...baby lips become dry tat time u understand baby needs milk ..awake ur baby and feed ..it's important to keep ur baby hydrated always ...
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Question: How many hours baby sleep at night without feeding
Answer: Hello... Dear usually babies at eleven months start skip feeding at night,they can continously sleep for a stretch of six to twelve hours without feeding
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