14 months old baby

Question: My son,s head was very heat from yesterday. His tongue was also hot. But his leg and hand chill. He is very tired with cry

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Answer: Usually babies head is always very hot since brain is like the engine of the body and theirs is still developing. But do check temperature to see if baby has fever. Above 100.4 is considered fever
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    durga devi949 days ago

    His temb is below 100

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Question: My son is 1yr and 3 months old.. his head and forehead is very hot. But he is active as normal.. what is the reason behind that heat??
Answer: Put some castro oil or coconut oil on hiz head ..so dat it make baby head bit cool
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Question: Hi my 53dys girl baby head and stomach is quite warm alwys... Hand and leg is chill... Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear yes it is normal. U should know that baby head stay warm and hand and geet stay cold .As baby body takes time in getting temp. Regulated. Do make ur banye rar cap.temp. will be fine.
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Question: my son tounge was very ugly how to clean his tongue he is 1.5 years old
Answer: Hi dear, u can use clean, wet thin cloth wrap it around finger and clean gums and tongue, if teeths have come than use finger brush.
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