4 months old baby

Question: My son puts his tongue out during these few days n he often refuse my milk sometimes formula too . He is now 3 months n ,19 DAYS old. ... Can i get an answer frndz.. y he does that??

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Question: Hi ladies my son is 50 days old,in a day sometimes he trembling (shaking) his leg for few seconds , is this normal?
Answer: Yes its normal some baby do this while they sleep actually they want to change their position isliye ye aesa krte h
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Question: Hello I feel my lower abdomen too tight these days n mild pain sometimes.. is this normal during second trimester?
Answer: Hi, it could be braxton hicks contractions. A few women start feeling this from 20 weeks.these are practice contractions, and feel a bit like a band of muscle lightening across your belly.some women feel them later.some women do not feel them at all.better to visit doctor once if it is continuous.take care
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Question: My son is 15 months old. Sometimes he puts finger in his nose and ears. From last 2-3 days he vomits frequently. Plz suggest me
Answer: Don't allow ur baby to put hands on the floor and same hands in the nose and moutg
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