14 months old baby

Question: My son pee very frequent like in 30 mins he will pass 3-5 times, can anyone tell us the cause or reason

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Question: My baby pee very little, that actually like couldn't find whether she pee or not. Same happening with motion from yesterday. What will be the reason suggest he remedy..
Answer: Dear if baby is not feeding properly than pee and poop may be less as compared to other days. If baby have urine infection than only pass less pee with burning sensation. You should give feeding time to time.
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Question: Why my bellybutton is paining n itching so much can anyone tell me the reason?
Answer: Hi during early pregnancy there are so many of changes going on in your body due to this you are having pain around bellybutton lower abdomen Pubic iarea you just need to take rest this will slow/
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Question: My baby looks very fussy and irritated. He is 4.5 months old. Can anyone tell what is the problem?
Answer: When teething started baby will be more irritated . Their gum create this . You should massage gum at this time. Give teether too. This time baby need your more attention.
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