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Question: my son not eating anything 1yrs21day old

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Answer: You can follow these steps to help your child eat well Sit and eat with your child. Show your child what eating healthy is like. You are your child's best role model. They will learn to eat and explore new foods by watching what you do. Offer new foods many times. Children often need to see, smell, and touch a food many times before tasting it. Your child may need to taste a food many times before they eat it. Continue to offer new foods and include foods your child has refused in the past. Give your child enough time to eat. Young children learn by touching, smelling and looking at foods. Give your child time to learn about the foods you offer. Learning to use a spoon and fork also takes time. Plan time to sit and eat slowly with your child. A mess is also part of learning how to eat. Try offering the same food in different ways. Be patient. Keep giving your child foods made in different ways: raw, cooked (steamed, roasted), in stews, soups and sauces. If your child likes vegetables cooked a certain way, give them other vegetables made that same way.
Answer: Hello Your baby s cranky cos he s hungry at his age breast or formula milk is not enough they need more. You have to start feeding him solid food try taking him out to a park get him to play and eat. Try playing his favorite cartoon or rhyme distract ur baby n start feeding it is difficult but I m sure u ll be successful eventually. U should avoid giving too much of millk or snacks to ur baby as sometimes ur baby is always full so they don't feel like eating much. Fix a time table so u ll be able to kno how much ur baby s eating n how u can get him to eat more and it will be easy for u to plan the activities to distract n feed ur baby.
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Question: My son is 2years old he is suffering from stomach upset not eating anything
Answer: Hi dear avoid giving medicine if baby just started with loose motion. U can give khichdi , dahi , Dalia , banana sabudana oats bread rice apple sauce to ur baby to stop his loose motion.
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Question: my son not eating anything 1yrs 21day old was
Answer: Breastfeed is more of a satisfaction here so try to feed your milk rather than formula it will boost his appetite. Also start giving him solids now like mashed potatoes, porridge and cooked veggies. feed when hungry. Now since baby is one year old he can have finger foods try introducing him some soft finger foods, oranges, cucumber, carrots just introduce new tastes so your child can pick up whatever makes him feel interested. Do not worry until and unless you see some significant change in his behaviour such as fever, or excessive crying, check his teething as children experience teething problems at this age- giving them something to chew probably finger foods will help, all is fine till now. Hope it helps! Take care.
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Question: Hello... my son is 9 month old n he is not eating anything.... only on milk... what to do ???
Answer: Try feeding at short intervals and small meals. U can also give vegetable soup as it helps in increasing apetite of the baby. A home remedy thag I always use whevever my baby stops eating. Take a lemon put black salt in it and use toothpick to put it inside the lemon now put the lemon on a spoon and heat it till the black salt melts and goes inside the lemon. Now take it off the flame. Make ur child lick it. Trust me it works.
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