4 months old baby

Question: My son 3 months 27days old im giving fm and bm both he is not going to motion since 6days

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Answer: What's already 6 days then it is too late now and you must visit your pediatrician and get an anema done do not worry the name May sound you like a big task but its normal procedure but I won't advise you to do at home. Its salt alkaline anema and are very easy to be inserted to a baby. and your baby would not even find out if it's something different or has went down into anus so do not worry but make sure to take him down to paediatrician now. If you will try home redilemies chances are that your baby may it may not potty. But if he does potty it will pose more risk towards a damage to his anal lining and will pool a lot of bleeding. Hope it helps! Take care.
Answer: Hello ma'am , Don't worry it's normal , infant can be motion in a day 8-10 times and after 6-8 days , both condition is normal for infants , so don't worry. Thanku
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Question: My 1 1/2 months old baby's fart is smelling heavy I'm giving both fm and bm.. Suggest some remedy
Answer: Babies can be pretty gassy. It’s common for them to pass gas 13-21 times each day! Infants have plenty of chances to swallow air.Try these steps to prevent and ease the pain of gas.When you’re nursing or bottle-feeding, try to keep the baby’s head higher than her stomach, That way, the milk sinks to the bottom of the stomach and air goes to the top, and it’s easier to burp out and use a nursing pillow for support.One of the easiest ways to ease gas pains is to burp her/him during and after she/he nurses. If she/he doesn’t belch right away, lay her down on her back for a few minutes and then try again.switch to a slower-flow nipple,Gently massage your baby, pump her legs back and forth (like riding a bike) while she’s on her back, or give her tummy time (watch her while she lies on her stomach). A warm bath can also help her get rid of extra gas.
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Question: My daughter is 93 days old. She is not going to motion for the past 3 days. Giving only bm
Answer: Hello dear.. since your baby is in exclusive breastfeeding, Mother's diet play an important role in babies digestive issues and consitipation problem,to avoid constipation in breastfeeding do following things.. Have a fiber rich foods that includes wholewheat,oats, grains and cereals... Include lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet.. Eat guava with breakfast it will help a lot Make a habit of eating figs and prunes daily,can drink raisin juice it relieves constipation Drink lot of water,stay yourself hydrated,also include fresh juice ,milk.. Banana smoothie,figs smoothie will be more effective in reducing constipation. If it persist ,it is better to consult pediatrician..
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Question: My son didnt pass motion for past 2 days. I'm giving both bm (90%) and fm (10%). Do i need to worry or is it normal?
Answer: Massgae ur babys tummy with coconut oil in clockwise and anticlockwise pattern. Do cycling exercise gently for ur baby and give him warm bath.. if it is only bm then not an issue but since ur baby is also on formula milk.. baby may get pain when he pass hard stools after few days.. check if ur baby goes today or else consult ur doctor.. for baby less than 6 months it is not advisable to try with home remedies it ks better to consult dr if he dont pass motion today.. do massage and intake more fluids in ur diet.. drink eater everytime before u feed ur baby..you may include fiber rich foods, vegetables, fruits and feed ur baby so that his motion will also be in psttern everyday..
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