6 months old baby

Question: My son 7 month. He is not sleeping in bed. He need jhoola till he wake up. Please suggest any idea .

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Question: My baby is 2 month old now and he is sleeping maximum in day time. And in night he is always wake up. I mean not sleeping at night. Any advice how we can change sleeping times.??
Answer: Hi dear,babies have d same problem..don't worry giving u some tips thst may help u-Place your baby in his crib and leave the room after saying goodnight.Wait outside for about five minutes, even if your baby begins to cry.Walk in after five minutes and comfort him without picking him up and leave the room again. wait for 10 minutes and walk inside and calm him.Repeat this until your baby falls asleep on his own.anoyher trick for u-Notice your baby’s sleep pattern for a week. Note the time that your baby wakes up.Wake him up about 15 minutes before his usual time. .Gradually, extend the time. Add 15 minutes to his sleeping time hope these will help,take care.
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Question: My baby is not sleeping well. With in 1hr he wake up
Answer:  It's normal that babies don't sleep in the night  or day. .baby is new to this world and they need some time to get adjusted to new world and the process of day and night. Nothing to worry. Babies keeps changing their sleeping pattern. You keep breastfeeding your baby dear.. As they grow as their activities increases they will sleep more.
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Question: can i put my baby for saree jhoola is it safe my baby not sleeping properly in bed and cradale also please tell me.
Answer: Yes dear, it's very good, put some cloth inside it and let her sleep in it... And Up to six months you put means head also comes round...
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