3 years old baby

Question: My son is 3 yrs old and he is very slim; any remedies to make him little fat?

Answer: Hi! Dont worry about weight till the time your baby is active and meeting milestones.. If baby is doing good in terms of weight as in falling in the normal range i dont see any need to increase weight because unnecessary weight gain is cause of many health issues. According to WHO guidelines baby should double the birth weight at 6 months and triple it by 1 yr of his age , your baby has tripled it at 1yr dont worry as healthy baby comes in all sizes..just look fr his activity growth and intake of balanced diet.. Good luck!
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Question: My son is 3 and half yrs old...he is very adamant...how can i treat him?
Answer: Hello mother! He is just 3 only and very small to become rigid kind of personality so firstly I suggest you to observe him closely his like or dislike then try to indulge in his activities make him believe that u r the right person for him that he can share everything try to talk to him every single thing make him understand each and everything. Don't scold him too much just try to horrified him via one loud pitch or just show wide eyes dont beat him. Try to involve with him in his activities and spend more time with him try he can talk to you more than you. This whole process take time and you should also have to devote the time then only situation will come in your hands, Take care. Stay healthy & Stay happy
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Question: My baby is 1 month old and very thin, how to make him fat
Answer: Give milk every 2 to 3 hours... Make sure he sleeps well.. More he sleep he gain weight
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Question: My son is so lean what foods can make him little fat
Answer: Baby’s growth and baby’s weight are two different things. Child’s weight is one part of its overall growth but it is not the only measuring criteria to check the child’s development. Foods to add in ur baby's daily diet for weight gain are :- 1.) Banana 2.) Desi Ghee 3.) Ragi 4.) whole Cream Yogurt 5.) Oats 6.) Potatoes 7.) Sweet Potatoes 8.) Pulses 9.) Avacado 10) Khichdi with lots of veges 11.) Egg 12.) Whole Wheat Hope it helps.
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