5 years old baby

Question: My son is 5 yrs he is hyper active isend him ot & speech therapy how can i give trian him to speak mam

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Question: My son still not talking. Doctor's suggest speech therapy and occtupetional therapy. What can i do. He is not sitting one place still 5 min.
Answer: Hi. Usually babies start to speak when they are 8 months old the initial start is babbling cooing or using a single letter word suggest a ba ma da ,when babies are 12 months old they start to form Little Words they start to capture the surrounding sounds so it is important to note if your baby was showing the delay since below one year or has recently developed such apprehension for language you should check if your baby is using gestures suggest pointing or waving bye-bye to a thing if not then it will be important to see your pediatrician there are few points which are important to note such as if you are baby does not speak but uses a lot of gesture ,your baby has trouble in understanding simple signs and has trouble understanding your language then this can be a signal of hearing loss, if you are baby has an unusual tone or more of for nasal sound or if you are baby keeps gasping before actually starting to speak that means your baby has either a severe form of tongue tie or his inability to pronounce so that comes under language problem. It will be very helpful to take speech therapy from a therapist if you are baby is more than 2 years old and still not able to mimic your vocal tonality as well as speak to one line words. A paediatrician will inspect your babies oral and nasal structure to identify the anatomical problems if it appears so.
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Question: My son age is 2 yr 6 month how i can make him to speak
Answer: Hi dear, Some babies take time to talk.it depends on the environment, behaviour, genetic and growth and development of the baby.my baby also started talking late,as in out house we were bilingual and baby was getting confused.focto advised me to talk to baby in one language.alsobthat my husband in his childhood started talking late,so could be gebetic too.but believe me all babies would eventually starts to talk.so have patience.meanwhile talk to baby in on language often.encoyrafe baby to blabber,donot offer any digital gadgets lik TV ,mobile etc.keep talking!!
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Question: Madam my boy who is 3 years old is having delayed speech. He can speak only single words that too half like for goat he will say go. Should I take him for speech therapy??
Answer: Talk to your baby for 30 minutes minimum everyday, stop screen time, read stories to him, don't answer him if he points to any object and shows by gesture or ishara, encourage him to talk and not gesture...he will gradually start talking
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