4 months old baby

Question: My son is 4 years old and still wets bed. Please help

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Answer: Hello dear. You can try few steps which i think will help ur baby in avoiding bedwetting:- 1.) avoid liquids after 8pm 2.) makensure baby goes to toilet before sleep 3.) wake them up at night once to use the washroom. 4.) reward the baby if they follow ur instructions Hope it helps.
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    Neeharika Sharma90 days ago

    I have tried most of them. I think only time will be of help. Thanks for reply

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Question: My sister's son is 1 and half years old but unable to walk independently please help
Answer: Hello dear Every baby is different so are their activities, please note some baby's learn late and its absolutely fine. May be he is getting developed at others areas. Don't worry he will start walking soon. Just keep on massaging ur baby legs daily
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Question: My older son is now 4 and half years old but still can't talk properly.is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear,  your toddler isn't using more than a few words, you may be concerned. It may be confusing because he may seem to hear, understand, and follow instructions despite not speaking much, and there are no other signs of delayed development. Every child is different. Please do not rush or worry, You can help your child speak: Talk more to your child. Get down at her level or pick her up. Listen what she is trying to say Repeat the words with your child. Read story books to the child, it helps in picking words. Show things around when you are outside, encourage her to speak. Hope it helped Take care ur little one...
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Question: My daughter is six years n seven months old and she still pee in bed
Answer: To combat bedwetting, doctors suggest: Shift times for drinking. ... Schedule bathroom breaks. ... Be encouraging. ... Eliminate bladder irritants. ... Avoid thirst overload. ... Consider if constipation is a factor. ... Don't wake children up to urinate. ... Don't resort to punishment.
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