1 months old baby

Question: My son is 1.5 year old i want him to leave the bottle now if i try to give him milk in glass or cup he is not drinking what do i do plz suggest

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Answer: I tried neem juice in bottle and he refuse to take bottle so I tried this daily whenevr he demands and I throwed all bottle in front him so I suffered so diifficult for one week after some days he was ready drink by steel design glass only now he is ok with glass so pls dnt use sipper also its my experiance so try my idea
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Question: My son is 14months old he is not having water in Glass or cup what to do Dr told not to give bottle
Answer: Hi! Please keep trying, your Dr. is correct baby should be weaned from bottle at 1 yr as, it is said to harmful and create a lot of oral disfunction due to sucking. Offer him liquids in tumbler, open cups, sippy or straw cups without any further delay. He will make a mess initially but its worth going for the mess. Good luck!
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Question: my son is 1 year old but he does not want to drink milk with bottle....any suggestion ????how i give him milk
Answer:  Hello Babies are hard wired to breast feed you cannot switch very easily to a bottle. But the weaning process will take time and is not impossible the best way to do dis is to a replacement with a better tasting option. Limit ur nursing sessions so the baby feels hungry that way u it will also help u with solid food feeding. Go slowly as he is use to breast feeding don't cut it immidiately. Involve his dear daddy, let his daddy put him to sleep that way u ll be away n bottle feeding gets a chance. Make a decision and stay on it as u feel so bad for ur baby u ll go back to feeding fulltime then u ll have to start the weaning process again Hope I helped
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Question: HeLlo dear, i have 2.6 years old boy.i want to stop him bottle feed and start giveng him milk through cup or glass but he is reluctant to do so....plz suggest.....
Answer: Getting your little to let go of the bottle can be difficult, but it’s essential to have them completely weaned by 18 months of age to avoid obesity, iron deficiency, tooth decay, cavities, and other dental problems. It’s best to introduce a sippy with meals around 6-9 months, and then start replacing regular bottle feedings with sippys around their first birthday. Help make the transition smoother for your little by timing it right, letting them pick out their cups, diluting milk in the bottle, offering praise and alternative forms of comfort, and keeping bottles out of sight.
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Question: My son is 22months old. He is still drinking milk in bottles. Unable to make him drink in the glass. Can anyone suggest me what to do
Answer: My son was having water and milk with bottles however it was a hard time to switch him to the sipper first I gave him water with sipper especially when he his eating his meals then he got used to drink water from the sipper tried this for 2 weeks then one time tried giving him milk with the sipper he rejected it for 2 or 3 days but eventually go used to it now I use Philips avent soft spout sipper for water and mee mee soft spout sipper for milk . He is a pro to drink from sippers now
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