13 months old baby

Question: My son is 1 year old. He doesn't eat any food properly. So to make him eat I cook rice dhal and veggies and mixy it n make a paste and feed him. Is that way of feeding good or should I change. Bcoz he eats when it's in paste. But never eat when smashed or anything soildyly please respond

Answer: Hello, As your kid is one year old you can try giving him finger foods like biscuits so that he will learn eating also give him soft cooked veggies arranged in a plate decorated in shape of cartoon face or something like that , give him smoothie , yogurt, boiled sweet potato, khicidi, makesure you smash it and give because this way he will learn eating food bit sized one. Do not give him in paste form . Day or two he may refuse but gradually he will learn. Make it tasty by adding bit pepper powder. Other foods like raagi porridge, rava porridge, sticky bannana rice, soups like Tomoto carrot soup, if you are non veg give him hard boiled egg, chicken soup, dosa, etc. Make the food attractive by drawing a cartoon face over the bread with sauce some smiley so kids get attracted and eat it. Hope it helped you. Good luck.
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Question: Hi my son is 10 months 20 days old...he eats only rasam rice and curd rice..he doesnt eat anytging other than this..could somebody pls tell me some tips on how to make him eat all..
Answer: Just follow wat he likes for some days.... Routinely makes him boring.. Then u can introduce new foods
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Question: My son doesn't eat anything except drinking milk. Sometimes he is in mood eats chapati 2 3 bites. Please suggest how to make him eat. And from what food items we must start
Answer: Hi dear, Children eat what dey like I used to think the way ur doing. Give her uska favourite chips or biscuits she vl know it but when it comes to proper home food they deny it. So basically there's no problem it's a phase every child eventually has to eat and grow . Try sitting with children of her age group and if one eats all of them eat seeing each other. The tym my child started going to play group he eats and drinks before that I was just giving him mashed food. So don't worry.
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Question: Hi, I'm a mother of a 13 month old boy baby. From the time I have started solids for him, he has never shown interest in rice or ragi. Occasionally when I give dosa or chapati he would eat half of it and he eats fruits. But how do I make him like rice and ragi as wel. Please suggest
Answer: Ragi tastes little robust in taste therefore you need to add other flavours to it, to make it likeable for baby. Ragi porridge - Take desi ghee in a pan, add one cardamon and ragi flour. Roast ragi till you get nice aroma. To this add jaggery and water. Cook to desired consistency. You may add Dryfruit powder as well. Ragi idli- Take roasted suji and ragi in equal parts. Add curd, grated ginger, diced tomatoes, peas, chopped capsicum and grated carrot. mix well. Add water to adjust consistency. Season with salt and pepper. Cook in idli stand. Ragi dosa- Take ragi and rice flour in equal measures. Add curd, ginger and coriander. Add water to adjust consistency. Season with salt and pepper. Cook as dosa. Can add paneer or boiled potato as stuffing. Other than these you can try ragi pancakes, ragi malt, ragi cookies, ragi muffin, ragi appam
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