1 months old baby

My son is one month old and he poop 2 day a time is that ok

If the baby doesn't poop for seven days also it's normal and if the baby poops 7 times in a day also normal. Hope this will help you definitely.
It's absolutely normal.. nothing to worry.. baby poops 7 time in 1day or 1 time in 7 days is normal. Hope this answer will help you
Not a problem if your breastfeeding. Either multiple times a day or once in a week is also fine.
Yes...he s completely alright.
Yes it's perfectly fine.
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Question: My son is one month old and he didn't poop for 3 day is that ok
Answer: It's ok even if he didn't poop upto ten days if he is drinking only breastmilk
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Question: my 2 month old son always do watery poop...is it ok?
Answer: Yes it is normal... babies who are exclusively on breastmilk will poop watery... once u start solid food after 6 months the poop will change
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Question: In a day My son 3 to 4 time poti karta hai is it ok? He is 20 months old
Answer: Agar semi solids hai to koi problem nhi agar watery stools hain aur din mein 7 se 10 bar hai toh aap kuch home remedies kriye agar baby 6 months se chhota hai toh mother kare kyuki mother source of nutrition hoti hai jo ki breast milk ke through baby ko mil jata hai. Agar baby 6 months above hai toh ye remedies aap baby ko bhi de sakte ho jaise ORS aajkal baht flavours mein avalable hai, nimbu pani, nariyal paani, khichdi dahi, dahi chawal, sabudana khichdi, daal, soups, saunf ka pani. Ye sab dene se loose motions mein bahut aram ata hai.
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