17 months old baby

Question: My son is 1yr 4months old. White patch has appeared on his cheek. Can anyone tell me what is it and what should i do to get rid of it.

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Answer: Hello, most often the white spots on toddler’s face could be due to a condition called Pityriasis Alba. Children develop uneven round or oval patches, especially after sun exposure. The patches are dry with very fine scales. They are most common on the face (cheeks), neck, upper trunk, and upper arms of children. You can apply good moisturizer for the baby and this patch could also be due iron defiency also . I would suggest you to visit a paediatrian as well to know the exact reason . Hope it helps .
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Question: my baby is 76 days old. and she has little white patch on her cheek. what to apply on her skin to avoid white patch ?
Answer: Hello dear. It could be happening due to dry skin. Apply coconut oil mixed with aloe vera gel as that helps when my daughter gets white patches in winters. Hope it helps.
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Question: My 2mths old daughter has white patch on her left cheek what is it and will it remain forever??
Answer: Hi dear do t worry and discuss with ur doctor to give vitamin D and calcium supplement to ur baby as such marka comes due to deficiency of these mineral.
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Question: My son is 4months old he has reddish itches on his neck what can I do
Answer: It is because some amount of milk goes to their neck nd gets reddish apply EUMOSONE U will get better results with in a day
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Question: My son is 2.5 months old and has lot of hair on his forehead. Please tell me how to get rid of this.
Answer: Babies develop lots of fine hair called lanugo on their skin while in the second trimster. Though most of it will shed before birth, some will still remain after birth for some babies. This will eventually fall off when she grows, there's nothing to worry. If you feel there's something abnormal about it, please take the suggestion of your doctor. 
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