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Question: My son is 10days old. I had vaginal infection during my delivery. I was given antibiotics and medicine. How to know that I'm completely cured of infection..

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Answer: Hello dear. If you are experiencing any kind of discharge which is either not pure white or is smelly it could mean you are having vaginal infection. If nothing of that sort is there it means your infection is absolutely cured. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 10days old and she had cough infection ...let me know some treatment
Answer: I would suggest u to visit doctor since baby is just 10days old.
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Question: My son had severe cough and was diagnosed with Upper respiratory infection. Antibiotics was given. Now he is having nausea sensation and vomiting with mild fever
Answer: hi dear the symptoms of nausea and vomiting can be because of the reactions of the medicine. So it is good to check with the doctor once again and maybe get a change of medicines that can that will help to reduce infection and also the baby won't have any side effects of the medicine. hope this helps take care.
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Question: We got to know that my son has urine infection how many days it will get cured
Answer: It is based on the severity. Is he on antibiotics. 2 to 3 days mayb.
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