1 months old baby

Question: My son is 1month old he is passing motion once in 3days. And the poop color is mustard yellow sticky and semi solid and there are some white particles in the stool. Is it normal or anything to worry. I'm breast feeding my child.

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Answer: My son is 2 nd half month old. After 20 days of his birth he was doing same. Till now he has no prblm. Its normal don't worry. We also consult with doctor for this.
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Answer: No dear , its completely normal just feed your baby after 2-3 hours that will help baby stay hydrated and get a urine...
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Question: Baby is passing motion after each feed is it normal and poop is yellow and sticky in colour
Answer: If it is absolutely watery reason I will advise you to see your pediatrician immediately after every feeding motion is normal but it will happen in a duration of 3 hours or 4 hours it will be yellowish then best if it is greenish that indicates that baby is having a hard time in digesting
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Question: My baby is 45 days old and he is been passing mustard yellow and greenish stool.... Kindly guide if there is anything to worry
Answer: Hi,if it is consistently green stools then you should inform to your Dr as it could be due to indigestion However sometimes green stool also means that the baby is not getting g sufficient nutrients from the feed You should in this case have a good and healthy first with adequate intake if fluids that will help to give proper milk supply with adequate nutrients to the baby
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