Few days old baby

Question: my son is 3months old... he is not sleeping in nights and will be crying

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Answer: Try to lying down ur baby as on back, babies mostly like this position for sleeping
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Question: My kid is crying with stomach pain during nights. Whole day he will be fine but only nights he will be crying. What might be wrong with him
Answer: Does ur baby has stomach infection? He may cry dur to other reasons also 1.. if ur baby has the habit of eating more sweetitems then do check if he has worms.. gv him deworming syrup consulting doctor for every 6 months.. 2.make sure ur babies tummy is full before he sleeps.. dont let him play too much after dinner as he may feel hungry n cry at midnight 3.develop the habit of making ur kid pass urine before he sleeps.. he may cry even in an urge to pass urine at midnight. 4.talk to ur child.. let him openup and say y he s crying.. do calm dowm ur baby with bedtime stories or lullaby
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