7 months old baby

Question: My son is of 7 month old he crying so much from birth till today continuous crying wt to do

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Question: My son 7 month old he is coughing from morning wat to do to stop cough
Answer: Hello dear...I can understand dear,how difficult if kids suffer from cough,but don't worry dear,it can be cured in a couple of days,cough caused by environment, climate change,and some cold causing foods ,home remedies for reducing cough are as follows... Please avoid milk to your baby for couple of days, because lactobacillus in milk will increases cold Make him to drink water,soups in little lukewarm condition,because it will definitely controls cough Boil Tulsi leaves with pepper in a glass of water,if it reduce to half,filter this water and feed them, it is a best remedy , continuous usage of this drink will increases immunity a lot Heat coconut oil with garlic,pepper,and little turmeric powder,use ts oil and massage in throat,chest for five minutes,it will helps in reducing cough effectively Feed him one egg daily with little salt and mild pepper powder daily, it helps in reducing cough a lot,it act as a barrier in cold climatic conditions Follow these tips to get rid of cough and cold.. Thank you
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Question: My baby have a caugh & he is crying wt to much wt to do
Answer: Give him breastfed on demand, don't force. While sleeping , her head was kept raised with the help of pillows so that she could breathe easily. Heat a tava and dry roast 5 garlic pods and 2 tsps of ajwain. Once roasted , make a pouch out of it in a clean muslin/ wash cloth.  This pouch was warmed , and rubbed on baby’s chest and back when she was sleeping. This helps to dissolve the phlegm accumulated in her chest. Keep vaporizer on in the room with tulsi leaves where she sleeps , so that the moisture helps her to breathe and soften her congested nose.Boiling garlic cloves in mustard oil and applying it externally on chest and head of baby also helps...
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Question: My baby 16days old from birth till today he is going to thin n dark complexion ..why he is not gaining wt till have good feeding
Answer: Hello dear, Most of babies loose weight during first month and gain after 1. Try to feed every 2 hours and you must take healthy diet to improve milk quality.
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