1 months old baby

Question: My son is of 1 month now, his umbilical stump is nt dried.. Doctor advise to clean it wd spirit n then sprinkle common salt, is it is fine?

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Answer: Yes dear.. I did it n it worked. U can clean with salt water also n see if baby cries. Usually babies don't. The next day put salt n keep for 30 mins n clean it with normal water and make it dry. It will dry off in 3 days.
Answer: Yes, sometimes it does take time for it to dry up. Pls follow whatever your gynaecologist advice. It's nothing serious to worry about.. So relax and be calm
Answer: I will advise you to get neosporin or intasporin. These are made for the purpose of drying and stopping any infection.
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    Jyoti Rastogi509 days ago

    Earlier i was using Neosporin..

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