3 years old baby

Question: My son is now 2yrs 7 months old and 12.7kg weigh. He dont eat fruits and veggies. He eats all non vegs. Till previous month he had nanpro and i changed to pediasure but with in one month he had cough problem and it not gone completely. Doctor ask me to stopped pediasure for some time. What should i do? Without fruits and veggies how should he get complete nutrients? He dont like cows milk also? Please give me a solution

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Answer: Hii dear I can surely understand ur concern. It is quite a difficult situation. When ur baby deny having some healthy food. but do t worry . There are so many babies and toddler who do so. Even my baby don't take fruits but everyday I come up with so.w new idea to add fruit in his diet. U can make apple sauce and add it in the any sweet porridge ur are making like kheer sewai .by this way baby will eat fruit. Also try to make fruit custard. That is also a good option.baby will surely like the taste of custard. Also u can make pan cakes by adding mashed banana in it. Use wheat flour for making it for Increasing health value. U can make pop sticks with water melon juice if the summer season is going on. Make dry fruits powder and can add it in baby roti pan cake porridge. Or milk. We need to get innovative . Dats what I learned in parenting also don't give up. Try all means and I m sure u will get success in making ur baby eat healthy. All the best.
Answer: Thank u dear.. But he don't like sweet food.. He likes spicy items.. I used to give apple by springling chilly powder and salt over.