12 months old baby

Question: My son is not passing more urine from pass two days what i should do

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Answer: You should give more water to drink or else it will become a urine problem especially for boys. Give water in small water bottle for feeding bottle that he will drink continuous
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Question: Hi my baby is 14 months old from past two days his urine passing is reduced what should i do?
Answer: Hi, It shows that he is dehydrated.give him plenty of liquids to stay hydrated.coconut water,ORS,juices are best for dehydration.if he eats curd,offer him curd rice daily.U can give watermelons too by removing seeds,if he doesn't eat the fruit as such give it as a juice.babies get easily dehydrated in summer.keep them hydrated and watch for signs of dehydration.
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Question: My two months baby is not passing motion since 2 days. What should i do to pass motion?
Answer: It's common for breast fed babies. Babies can go even 7 days without passing motion. There is no problem in that. Only if the baby is having hard tummy or passing dried stools or is experiencing extreme discomfort, a doctor needs to be consulted. My son used to pass stool after 7 days when he was 2.5 to 6 months old.
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Question: My 4 days old son is not passing urine, what should I do?
Answer: Hi dear, normally he should pass urine 7_8times a day ,if he isn't doing so after adequate breast feeding,consult doctor immediately
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