7 years old baby

Question: My son is not gain weight what can I do

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Answer: Hi dear, By 7 years your boy should weigh atleast 23 kgs.he seems to be pretty underweight.is he not taking enough food? Healthy food is the only way to keep the weight on track.at times they could be genetic,but in his case it seems to be too low.hiw is he activity wise? Some kids have high metabolism and also seems to be pretty active.for such kids one needs to increase the calories in diet.give him full fat cream milk.make smoothies with banana and avocado daily.add dry fruits in it.whole wheat pan cakes or parathas with desi ghee could be given for breakfast.if you are non vegetarian,then give him chicken/fish/mutton/eggs thrice a week.eggs can be given daily.sesonal vegetables in what ever for you wish to,can be given.give him veg soups as snacks.granola bars can be made at home and offer him as snacks.avoid all fried ,sugary junk food.stop all choclates,chips,pizza,burger kind of junks.include only healthy food.you can bake pizza at home with healthy options and offer him.include plenty of water too.daily three servings of fruits is must.last but no the least,8 -9 hours of daily sleep would ensure the nutrients getting absorbed by the body.
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Question: My son is 3 years old.. Less weight.. What i do for weight gain of my son
Answer: Hello dear, For An Ideal Weight, it is important to keep a count of the calories that your child consumes on a daily basis. Make sure that the calories they consume is more than what is required by them to ensure that they are putting on weight. In case of being underweight, ensure that your child is eating the right kinds of protein for muscle building. Foods high in good fats can be added to your child's diet to increase his/her weight. Also, ensure that they are having regular meals, so that the body does not have to burn the stored fat for energy. Buttery fruits like avocados are good for increasing weight in kids, as they are full of healthy calories. Other fruits such as papaya and mangoes too are full of natural sugars. The benefit of these is that your kid will lap them up in no time. Junk food causes an epidemic called obesity, which is linked to all the major lifestyle diseases. Restrict your kid's treats to once a month, in order to encourage healthy eating and maintain an ideal weight. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Question: My weight is not gain what can I do plz tell my baby is week?
Answer: Hi! Please have a healthy diet lots of fruits, veggies, milk, curd, cheese, legumes, pulses, sprouts, soybean, peas and beans, chicken, fish, eggs, carrot, sweet potato, nuts, whole grain cereal etc. Have plenty of water. Keep yourself active. Discuss with the Doctor if he wants to prescribe any supplements for the weight gain of the baby. Be positive and good luck!
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Question: My son is tin what can I do to gain a weight
Answer: Hello dear u can give banana powder for weight gain it's very healthy and strength... Give twice a day apple
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