3 months old baby

Question: My son is not drinking milk proparly since 3 days he is active sleeps well. What can i do to drink milk proparly?

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Answer: Hi,don't worry it is just a phase. You should check weather you are able to get proper feed else than the baby may loose interest in bf. You should keep trying to feed your baby every two hours because it is important for the baby growth
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Question: My son didnt drink milk made by powder since breast milk not enough..what to do
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Breast milk can be increased by including following in your diet such as fenugreek garlic leafy vegetables etc. Bread or chapathi with milk also gives flow instantly. Eat these before feed so flow increases well. Lactogen granules also help to increase flow. They give you flow instantly so drink milk with granules before each feed or take chapatti, bread with milk before feed, milk increases and baby gets enough milk. You can drink before feeding and you see difference. You can also drink daily twice morning and evening.Take care
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Question: My son is not drinking milk,and he wont eat curd,what to do
Answer: Hello dear, you can give flavoured milk, but it is high in sugar. So try to give home made flavour milk. You can add boost, Horlicks to change milk taste. Many parents find milkshakes, buttermilk or chhaach, lassi or smoothies are great for fussy or irritable babies. Use full fat milk or dahi and your baby's favourite fruits like bananas. Some mothers add crushed almonds to improve nutritional value. You can occasionally treat him ice cream specially in summer.
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Question: My son not eating proparly. I want he weigth
Answer: Hi, Moong dal,urad dal,ghee,butter and cheese are known to increase weight. U can try recipes with that.u can make urad dal laddu and urad dal kichdi with ghee. Give banana and milk daily.curd rice too will increase your boys's weight.
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