21 months old baby

Question: My son is 21 months old, paed. said the booster dose of chicken pox is due on 9th april....but in vaccination chart it is mentioned 5 years....i m confused.... plzzz help...1st dose given in 16 months

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Question: Hi my baby is 6 months old now.I have given all earlier vaccinations in government hospital.As per their chart after 14 weeks vaccinations next vaccinations in directly in 9th month so is there any vaccination in 6th month?
Answer: Hi Dear! As per the list there is OPV 1 and Hep B 3 at 6 months, pls find the list below; Birth-BCG,OPV 0,Hep-B 1 6 weeks-DTwP 1,IPV ,Hep-B 2,Hib 1,Rotavirus 1,PCV 1 10 weeks-DTwP 2,IPV 2,Hib 2,Rotavirus 2 ,PCV 2 14 weeks-DTwP 3,IPV 3,Hib 3,Rotavirus 3 ,PCV 3 6 months- OPV 1, Hep-B 3 9 months- OPV 2, MMR 1 9-12 months- Typhoid Conjugate vaccine 12 months- Hep-A 1 15 months-MMR 2,Varicella 1 16-18 months- PCV Booster,DTwP B1/DTaP B1,IPV B1,Hib B1 18 months-Hep-A 2 2 years-Typhoid Booster 4 -6 years- DTwP B2/DTaP B2,OPV 3,Varicella 2,Typhoid Booster, 10- 12 years-Tdap/Td,HPV.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can DPT 1st booster dose, which is due on 16-18months be given after 19months?
Answer: Hello! List of vaccination. 15 Months MMR Varicella (Chickenpox) PCV (Booster) 18 Months DTwP/DTaP (1st Booster) OPV/IPV (1st Booster) Hepatitis A 24 Months Typhoid 2 Years and then 3 Years Typhoid Booster 5 Years DTwP/DTaP (2nd Booster) OPV/IPV (2nd Booster) MMR (Booster) Varicella (Chickenpox) (Booster) 10 Years Td/Tdap
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Question: I was given 4 due dates.. In the early scan of 9 weeks I was given 26th April.. Den next scan of 24 weeks gave me 1st May.. But as per lmp it has shown that 10th March is also one of the date.. N now m 33 weeks n it is said that 1st week of May is due... What shud I do?
Answer: Hello! The eed given by the usg totally depends on the growth of the baby. However, doctor will consider the eed as per your lmp only, hence you need to consider that.
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