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Question: my son is 9 months old n he's suffering from a bad cold..pls suggest some home remedies.

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Answer: Hello! It is heart wrenching to see the little ones suffering. Try giving him warm soups. It will soothe him and make him feel better. Apart from that you can try the following. 1. Breastmilk also improves the immunity of your child to fight against bacteria, germs, and virus. You can put few drops of breastmilk in each nostril of your baby. It will help to cure a cough and cold faster. 2. Ajwain Potli Ajwain or carom seeds have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Dry roast ajwain on a tava or pan. Put the ajwain in a cotton cloth and make a potli of it. Gently rub it on the baby’s chest, back, under feet and palms. Make sure the potli is not very hot. First, test the temperature by putting the potli on your wrist. Make sure that the baby must have a single layer of clothing before you start to rub potli on the body. Caution: Don’t rub it on the naked chest of your baby. You can place potli near baby’s nose or in baby’s crib so that it can inhale ajwain smell. It is a really helpful remedy to cure baby’s cough. 3.Nasal saline drops are a quick solution to get relief from the blocked nose and nasal congestion in newborns. It’s safe and recommended by pediatrics to use for infants. Saline drops are actually the salt-based water. Put saline drops in each nostril of your baby as this would help to clear the nose. Nasal saline drops loosen up mucus. Use of saline drops makes feeding easier for your baby. Just elevate your baby’s head while putting in the drops, otherwise, the liquid will flow out. 4. Garlic Cloves in Ghee/ Mustard oil Boil few cloves of garlic into mustard oil and apply it externally on your baby’s neck, chest, back, under feet and palms. This remedy helps to cure cough of your child. Remember, the oil must be warm and not very hot. Mustard oil gives warmth to the body and garlic has antibacterial properties that help to destroy bacteria that cause cold. 5. Mustard oil infused with sendha namak Mix 1 teaspoon of sendha namak in warm mustard oil and gently massage on the chest and back of your baby and cover the baby with a cotton sheet or blanket. This mixture gives warmth to your little one’s body. 6. Vicks Baby Rub. Rub Vicks baby rub on the bottom of your baby’s feet and cover the feet with cotton or woolen socks, depending on the weather.
Answer: Hi dear, As climate is changing these days so its common to get cold. Try to keep your baby covered specially in morning and evening. Home remedies: 1. Cold: heat mustard oil till smoking point then add 1 tsp of salt apply this luke warm along with salt on chest back palms and foot of your baby and make him sleep and cover him. 2. Running nose: use saline water drops and use humidifier near by when he was sleeping it will loosen the cough. Make your baby sleep on pillow bit upright it will help him to sleep without interruption. Eucalyptus oil apply on baby clothes near collar or on dry sheets.
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