22 months old baby

Question: my son is 22 months old n has constipation doesnt eat n water intake is very less pls adv

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Answer: soak raisin overnight and give that water, give pears, Apple, chuahara soaked with milk, oats and other fibre rich foods and offciurse water.
Answer: give some vegetable soups like fiber nutrition
Answer: you give some veg soups
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Question: hi my son is 22 months old but does eat very less n under weight?
Answer: if whatever he eats is less than try to increase the no. of times you give. like 4 times then give to 8 times. 1st meal could be his 8th meal.. you can repeat but try to be creative at your side. change the food and don't force coz some babies take less but frequently and some more in one go.
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