16 months old baby

Question: Hyy My son is 15 months old... I have been facing many problems... Yet he didn't speak a single word he only shouts... His diagations is also not proper... It's lots of smell when he freshun up

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Answer: U r not alone mommy, same case with everyone. Actually boys are usually late for everything. They started speaking late and seriously shouts a lot. To improve or make ur baby to talk just everyday u talk to baby in a loud voice. Baby will learn new words from u and thus they will start speaking soon. As ur baby has started eating solids and also using formula milk so it is the reason of lots of smell coming while passing stool
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Question: My son don't speak proper words except ma, papa, hi & bye.... Children of his age speak a lot of new word.. But when I try to make him speak a word he don't try.. He is 1.8 yrs old.
Answer: Don't get too worried as she is only 1.8yrs and it's good that you are concerned and try to work on it, like some baby starts walking late same ways some babies start talking late you can try encourage speech and language by talking with her about EVERYTHING Explain what you are doing in the car, in the kitchen, at the shops, at your social outings. Talk a lot. And ask lots of questions to elicit some kind of response. “What can you see?” , “What would you like most to play with?”, “What should we make for morning tea today?”, “Which friend would you like to play with?” These questions will encourage her to make conversation.  u give her speech therapy. check with your child, if she rolls her tongue, can stick her tongue out. Basically mouth exercises. MAke her blow a candle with a huff sound. A speech therapist will be able to help the child use the tongue and mouth properly to make sounds. Make sure that your child is not eating soft foods only, is she using her tongue and teeth properly while eating 
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Question: My son having 1 year 4 months..he speaks only amma.....i try to speak other word appa, etc...but he is not speak ...what to do
Answer: Do not worry dear.. i can understand your concern..all children take their time. Some speak early and some speak late You can take him to a park everyday where he will see his age group and learn to speak. Children learn better with their peer group If possible enrol him in some activity class or a creche or a preschool. There also with his peer group he will learn more Talk to baby as much as possible. Ask all family members to talk to him in a way that we adults speak. Try not baby talk. It does not help child in learning These will surely help
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Question: my son is 22mnths old he didn't speak yet single word properly..bit worried
Answer: A 22 month old not talking or saying few words is a reason to seek at least advice from a speech pathologist. Slow to talk toddlers at 22 months are at risk of becoming late talkers. By 22 months a toddler is typically saying between 120 and 399 words. Hence a 22 month old not talking at all would be trying to play catch up with their speech development while other 22 month old toddlers are learning how to use their new found speech to get their needs met, to learn and to interact with others. Hope it helps.
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