4 months old baby

Question: My son is months old but has a very disturbed sleep during day as well as night, how should i make him sleep for continuos hours i do feed him on both the breast.....still he wakes up....pls suggest

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Answer: Hello dear... Infants usually don't sleep enough,but this is a temporary phase, they will adjust with some time in sleeping patternThere are few procedures will help your Infants sleep at regular intervals Dream feed your baby Mother's milk has lot of nutrients and it's easily digestible, so feed your baby every two hours, during night time ,dream feed your baby, make sure he latches well Usage of diaper Make use of diaper at night time,for day time you can use cloth diaper,because prolonged use of diaper cause rashes. This will prevent from wetting of clothes and that disturbed his sleep Warm cloth massage Before bedtime you can wipe your baby's body with soft cloth dipped in warm water, this will promotes good sleep Make the room dark Keep the bedroom dark during bedtime,during nap you can use lamps,because light will spoil baby's sleep Use cloth cradle During night time,use cloth cradle it will remain baby to sleep in mother's womb ,it is an healthy practice too. Hope these tips helps for you Thank you
Answer: Hie Help baby differentiate between day and night During day feeds talk to him, light up the room let sunlight in , play with him While by the night dim the lights make it quiet and calm don't play or talk to baby Establish a night routine baby love it if they know all having a routine helps them know what happens next and gradually they follow it  Dream feed your baby hunger is the most common reasons for baby to wake up early from his sleep . Give your baby a sponge bath or just massage him lightly with a lotion as it gets absorb fast ,put on a fresh pair of clothes ,dim the light and rock your baby to sleep Massaging the baby every night will help baby destress and sleep for longer duration of time it will also relieve body ache and promote better blood circulation Swaddling helps baby sleep well and for a longer duration of time as it creates womb like atmosphere
Answer: Hi dear, May be his hunger is not satisfied. Do give formula milk in between, as after delivery mother's milk supply is less. If u get proper diet, den milk supply will increase.😊
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Question: My 4 month old doesnot sleep peacefully...he wakes up very frequently...at day time I have to hold him during his sleep as he wakes up as soon as I put him on bed...and at night hours too he wakes up 3/4 times. Plz help. Thankyou!
Answer: It's normal in some kids. Eventually they will learn to sleep in pattern. Try to keep the room cozy and less light... Play some soothing music...feed him thoroughly before going to bed... Every two hours baby will want to be fed.. feed the baby...burp the baby and rock him to sleep...don't switch on lights in between and play with him. Then only they will learn it's night time and needs to go back to sleep. New borns don't know the difference between days and night until we teach them
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Question: My 13 months old son wakes up many times in the night , i get very tired feeding him...how can i make him sleep whole night without feeds?
Answer: Try to give less liquid food during night because it is easily digestible. Give some solids and put him to sleep. Especially avoid milk before bed. They may pee a lot at night. And feels hungry soon. Also make him understand the difference between night and day by introducing dim light in room during night.
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Question: What if the baby sleeps continues for 3-4 hours in day as well as night? Do i have to wake him after every 2 hours and feed him or let him sleep until he wakes up and then feed?
Answer: I have the same problem. But my doctor said 4 hours is fine. And a baby needs 17 hours sleep a day. So this is fine.
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