7 months old baby

Question: My son is 6 months 25 days old doing urine in more than 20 times per day.What is the solution for this problem and the weather is also hot here.

Answer: This can be an infection if baby also cries while urinating. I will advise you to see a pedeatricianto have a urine analysis for baby to rule out his glucose level as well. Are you suffering from diabetes or in pregnancy you had gestational diabetes or taking treatment of thyroid? Do not worry This is treatable.
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    Bhargavi T118 days ago

    I have slight thyroid during pregnancy and now it is normal.we went to pediatrician made complete urine test and this is normal.Still he is urinating more times. I am not getting understand how to get out of this problem.My body got heat these days , because of my feeding is he also got heat and urinating more times?

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Answer: Hello dear Ur baby's wet diapers shows how much feed ur baby is having. If ur baby is passing urine 15 times per day, then it means ur baby is getting proper feed. So, feed ur babies frequently after 2 hrs.
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