17 months old baby

Question: My son is 17 month old. He doesn't speak anything except ai ai ai. I m so much worried frnds. Pls suggest something.

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Answer: Speak continuously to him and give your child to elder people like grandma grandpa they will manage
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Question: My son is 17 month old.. but he doean't speak a single word.. I am so worried about it. He understand whatever ghings we told to him. But he doesn't speak anything...
Answer: No need to worry dear...... every child is different..... my daughter is 21 month old now....... and she also doesn't speak a single word not even mummy papa........ give time to ur lil one....... we can wait only
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Question: My baby is 17 months old... But he don't speak enough words... Pl suggest something
Answer: your toddler isn't using a few words, you may be concerned. It may be confusing because he may seem to hear, understand, and follow instructions despite not speaking much, and there are no other signs of delayed development. Receptive language is much more important than expressive language. Does he understand what you are saying? For example, if you say where is the ball? does he look for the ball. At this age, he should only have one or so words! Is he gesturing? For example, does he wave bye-bye? This is what I'm saying...no child is like another child.  Don't let milestone markers rule your life.  Speech therapists believe that if your child does not have 8-10 words by the time he is 18 months old, THEN start worrying and make an appointment with your doctor...
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Question: My son 18+ months old, but he doesn't drink milk, pls suggest something, what to do?
Answer: Hi Children should never be forced to drink milk if they are not willing to. Eating food should not be a battleground for children but rather an enjoyable experience. No single item of food is essential to any child's diet and can always be replaced by other food items. It is more essential that a child is enjoying eating and is given a well-balanced mixed diet during meals. Milk can be the best source of calcium, protein and vitamins, but can be easily replaced by other foods which contain calcium, protein and vitamins. The best method of keeping your toddler interested in food is by making it appealing and exciting through experimenting with fresh ways of presenting it.
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