10 months old baby

Question: My son is loose motion continuously in motion area reddish he is not controlling his pain wat can I do

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Answer: Meet ur pediatrician
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Question: My son is 4months old he has reddish itches on his neck what can I do
Answer: It is because some amount of milk goes to their neck nd gets reddish apply EUMOSONE U will get better results with in a day
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Question: My son is 1.7 yrs old. He hve loose motion.. Wat can I do
Answer: Hi dear. avoid giving solid to your baby while she is having loose motions , give food with liquid consistency for example Khichdi , moong dal etc. you take some rice and boil it in water extract its startch from it ,add a pinch of salt in it and give this start to your baby twice a day it will surely cure her loose motions . also keep your baby's body hydrated as loose motion can make her feel dehydrated . give coconut water to your baby it will help her alot . Offer more fluids to you baby .
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Question: My baby has diaper rash reddish colour in his bottom wat can I do
Answer: Instead of diaper rash cream use dusting powder or diaper rash powder which will be available in nearby medical stores. Change the diaper every 4-5 hrs.
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