10 months old baby

Question: my son is just 10 months.he is not sleeping in night

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Answer: this is normal, he must be sleeping enough at day time
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Question: My son is not sleeping at night and even in the morning
Answer: Hello dear... Newborns usually wont sleep don't sleep enough,but this is a temporary phase, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Mother's milk has lot of nutrients and it's easily digestible, so feed your baby every two hours, during night time ,dream feed your baby, make sure he latches well Make use of diaper at night time,for day time you can use cloth diaper,because prolonged use of diaper cause rashes. This will prevent from wetting of clothes and that disturbed her sleep Before bedtime you can wipe your baby's body with soft cloth dipped in warm water, this will promotes good sleep Keep the bedroom dark during bedtime,during nap you can use lamps,because light will spoil baby's sleep In night time,use cloth cradle it will remain baby to sleep in mother's womb ,it is an healthy practice too. Hope these tips helps for you
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Question: Night my son is not sleeping
Answer: Hi dear, My son is 4.5 months and sleeps about 10-12 hours a night. I think some things that have worked well for us are: - white noise (you can get an app too) - consistent routine (bath, lotion, pj's, book, feed in her room, bed) - having a calming persona/vibe when it's bed time (lower voice, dim lights, calming conversation) - upping her night time feeding (I breastfeed and give a 6oz formula bottle. To each his own) - going to bed relatively soon after her last nap (5 or 6 pm nap then start bedtime around 7 or 730.) Hope this helps!!
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Question: Hello my son is 10 month 19days old. He is not sleeping through the night. Often wakes up during night time.
Answer: May b his tummy is nt full.....feed him proper before sleeping
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