10 months old baby

Question: my son is eight month his lips gets chapped .what to do

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Answer: Hi.. Dear you can apply boiled milk cream thrice or twice in a day.. You will see the difference in couple of days.
Answer: Hello dear. You can apply some ghee or baby lotion, when the baby is asleep. Take care.
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Question: My Baby is 20 days olds. His uppee lip is chapped. What can I do? After every feed I wipe his lips. Still lips getting chapped. Please suggest something.
Answer: When your newborn baby's lips are splitting and sore, a variety of issues may be the cause. It might happen due to a lip licking habit, or yourbaby may be sucking on their lips. ... You may also want to watch your babyand notice if they breathe from their mouth, which cancause chapped lips.
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Question: Dried &chapped lips during 3rd month of pregnancy indicates what?
Answer: u need more water ..lips generally shows ur water levels in body so have ample amount of water and use some honey with sugar and lemon paste on ur lips to make it less dried or u can use baby lips take care
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Question: Hello,my baby is 5 months old. He is having chapped lips. What should I apply on his lips.
Answer: Don't worry , you shouldn't apply anything like cream or lip balm . If it's to much you can apply homemade ghee or breasts milk do wonders. Just apply little breastmilk or ghee
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