1 months old baby

Question: Hiii... My son is 18 days old.. After every feed he passes urine and stool.. Is this normal? After that he feels hungry again.... Please suggest

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Answer: It is actually a good sign that he is feeling hungry and accepting feeds frequently and digestion is good so passing urine and stools often. As babys tummy grows it will slowly reduce , dont worry.
Answer: Yes dear. It is normal. Babies have got small tummy. So after su su and potty it gets empty. Keep him feeding when he feels like.
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    Monika Walecha975 days ago

    Thank you so much.... I am much relieved

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Question: Hello doctor Sumaiya. My baby is 1 month 21 days old.. i feed him and then he pass urine in some time and then again he ll feel hungry after that he started crying so much.so i have to feed him again.... And one more thing that he sleep for 1 hour slot only after that again he feel hungry.. is this normal?
Answer: Dont worry It's very normal feed whenever your baby feels hungry it will be normal after 100 days.
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Question: Hi...my baby is 21 days old ...everytime he passes urine he passes stool as well and he cries whenever he passes stool.....every one hour this is happening....is this normal?
Answer: Hi babies cry before passing urine This is normal and may remain for 6-9 months. However, if he cries during or after passing urine, it needs to worry ..A simple urine test will exclude infection as a cause. You might also see the tip of the penis for any cracks in the skin that may have caused the bleeding and pain.
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Question: My baby drinks my breast milk and after sometime passes urine. He again become hungry, drinks and after about half an hour passes urine. Is this OK.
Answer: That is totally a normal procedure all baby go through it bcoz milk is the one form of energy they take from mother like wise for ex we drink water and we go frequent urine like wise babies milk comes out through pee and again they feel hungry
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