1 months old baby

Question: My son is 30days baby. While crying his face, foot, and palm become red. But in few seconds it comes to normal colour

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Answer: Same here... my son is 2 months old now.... nothing to worry.... bcoz of fast blood circulation it becomes red.... its normal...
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Question: My son is 38days. He splits lot of milk. And scratched his body and his face become red
Answer: Hi! Spitting out curdled milk is common in babies, since their food pipe is still being developed , some milk remains in the food pipe and stomach gas throws it out which becomes curdled and it is normal Keeping the baby upright will help.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is having red spot on his face and stomach. We consulted doctor. It comes again and again.
Answer: Hi,this can be due to some skin allergy or due to some food item allergy.maje a note of it weather is it in particular after eating some food item it is happening.and discuss this with your Dr Till than apply cocunut oil or even bm is the best solution.this will also help.
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Question: My lo 's foot, palm and head are warm .. but not temperature. Is it normal??
Answer: hi it is normal in the feet palm and foot or head are warm and if the baby is not having temperature there is nothing to worry
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