6 months old baby

Question: My son is 5 and half months. What type of solid food should I have to introduce him

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Answer: Mash some banana with milk Grind apple nd give it
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Question: Hi. My son is 6month 7days old. What type of solid food I should give him?
Answer: Hi mom, now you can start giving solid food to your baby, as fruits are easy to digest and also having there own taste so start from 1 fruit a day. In breakfast. Like you can observe your baby in daytime. For few days start with only fruits like apple, banana, avocado, peach, apricot puree. Then give vegetables like carrot, peas, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin then grains like brown rice, oats, ragi, mungdal. Then chicken soup.
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Question: When i introduce solid food to my baby and what type of food is preferable
Answer: Hello! Introduce solids at the age of 6months and after that only. It is only after the age of 6 months that the baby's digestive system is ready . Always give fresh homemade food as it is more hygienic and nutritious. Like apple puree, banana smashed, orange juice, Dal smashed, rice smashed, carrot and beetroot soups, sweet potato puree. Hope this helps. Happy parenting
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Question: Hi ma my baby is 5 months 5 days old , what type of solid food should i prefer him?
Answer: Hellooo!! Let your baby turn 6 months before youstart with solids for him, Just wait for a few more weeks! :-) sooji, mild ragi , sweet potato can be great to stat with as they are easy to digest for babies, Start with one food at a time, wait for a few days to see if teh food suits him before introducing another new food item..
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Question: my baby is 5 months 5 days old what type of solid food should i prefer him?
Answer: Hi... solids should be given to babies only after completing six months .. Till 6 months you're only supposed to breastfeed your baby .. and you should not give anything apart from this even a drop of water ..
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