4 months old baby

Question: My son is 3+ having rashes I'm applying daily diaper rash cream tharrowly.... because he going potty more than 5 times it's becoming rashes so ihave to apply...I want to is it ok applying diaper Himalaya cream rememberly is good

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Question: I'm applying Himalaya diaper rash cream rememberly because my 3 months baby going potty more than 5 times in one day .... I want to diaper cream applying on rash is it ok...not any problem
Answer: Hi.. Yes dear.. Put diaper rash cream before putting diaper to ur baby. Diaper rash causes a red puffy rash around your baby's genitals, bottom and the folds of her thighs. The rash can sometimes look pimply, and may either be dry or moist.So, to avoid such situation, put diaper rash cream before putting diaper.
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Question: My son has developed cuts and rashes in potty place. It's not normal rashes but there are cuts and wound type in potty place. I m applying diaper rash cream. Can I apply clobetesol ointment which is used by adults
Answer: S it is safe to use rashes cream prescribed by doctor...
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Question: My baby has rash on her bottom and am applying himalaya diaper rash cream but it is not going please suggest. How to treat it?
Answer: Hi Just clean throughly with plain water and apply gingelly oil regularly it is natural anti fungal helps to heal any skin problem...take care
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