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Question: My son is 2 years old.Just by seeing my kid eyes Dr said he is anemic and prescribed hamsipd drops. 1 day I gave this drops but he got full mouth ulcer constipation. Stopped eating food for a week. What should I do pls suggest. Still I am breastfeeding. I don't think so he will be anemic. How to test and what should be the count?

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Answer: you can get your babies HB check from lab. Give iron rich food such as pomegranate, beetroot, green vegetables cereals beans such a black eyed beans, Peas , spinach , tofu , pine nuts , spring onions , lentils. you may give the supplements but reduce the dosage and also give it immediately with food so that there is no side effects. But give the supplements after 1 week not now let your baby heal first.
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Answer: It might be any bacterial infection it's better to visit pediatrician as soon as possible to avoid further infection Have foods like spinach carrot meat nuts eggs oats almonds salmon fish beans lentils milk ridge guard Adding garlic pieces fenugreek seeds sesame seeds in your daily diet chart Drumsticks chia seeds bitter guard helps in production of breast milk
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Answer: its a growth spurt.. we all. have been there... its alright... feed as per demand.. babies know when to eat.. n if they r hungry they will turn thrle world around u
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