2 years old baby

Question: My son is 2 years 3 month old. He wont talk properly. He tells few words but wont speak

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Answer: Hello Rushing the kids will not work as the more u force ur baby the more they ll hesitate due to the pressure. Children start talking or rather mouthing words by 14 to 18 months. Try playing rhyms with animal sounds so they can start mouthing the words or animal sounds start by encouraging them try dancing with rhyme and say the moo baa wuf with the rhymes the kids are very fast with imitating so they ll soon start imitating u in no time. Once he starts telling the sounds start with Johnny johnny or incy Vinci spider. So he can start with this again.
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Question: my son is 2 year 3 month now he can speak few words is it normal
Answer: Hi dear,first of all ,dont worry.Many babies take their own time to speak,it's completely normal. My own son, who is 7 years old now, spoke his first word at the age of 3 ! People around you will keep questioning or suggest various ideas. Do not panic and keep patience. Below are few tips which may help you :- 1) Spend more time conversing with your child in your mother tongue. 2) Ask him questions and probe your child to answer. 3) Read out story books to him. I hope this might help you and happy parenting !!
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Question: My son is 2 years old...when he will talk properly
Answer: Hello... Dear your son is now two years ly, so it will take some time to speak clearly, can follow these steps it might be helpful for you... You speak to baby more and more so he will learn from that and talk soon Start reading story book to him will be helpful Make him to play with neighbors kids, by mingling with kids he will speak soon and clearly
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Question: My baby did not speak properly...just few words he talk...ma papa like these words...how I teach him to speak..my baby is 1yr 9month..
Answer: Hi, generally baby at this age should join two words and speak. But if he doesn't speak then once get the child assessed by the speech therapist. Also at home keep on talking. Explain all the things you see, tell the color, what it is, what it does. Like for dog, black colour dog, has b four legs, does bhow bhow. Do not force the baby to eat. This will slowly develop the language.
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