2 months old baby

Question: My son is 2 months old and He is facing diahherra. What should i do ?

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Answer: Give bifilac sachet twice a day
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Question: Hii my son is 9 month old he is facing constipation these days what should i do to cure it.....
Answer: Take some hing and put it in baby's tongue..he may not like the taste but he will eat some.hing helps to cure constipation. Also boil water in ajwin and let ur child drink that water..or make ajwin roti n give is to baby. Im
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Question: My son is 8 months old and he doesnt like cow milk what should I do
Answer: Please don't give ur baby cows milk before 1 yr. Also ur baby is not liking tge the taste of it. Better u can start after 1 yr bt adding some flavor in it. Cows milk is best to be given to the baby only after one year as the baby cannot digest the complex proteins and minerals in the cows milk. This can lead to loose motions or indigestion. Some times babies also get allergic to cow s milk. So please use cows milk or dairy products after the baby s one year old. The baby can suffer from low hemoglobin as the cows milk contains very less iron.
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Question: My son is 6 months and 24 days old. He is suffering from heavy cold, he is facing problem in breathing. What should I do?
Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is having cold then you may try home remedies like 1.Massage luke warm mustard oil on baby's head, chest, palms and feet. 2.Make a thick paste of asafoitida make it luke warm n apply on the chest palms feet and around the naval before going to bed. 3. Give a half spoon natural honey to the baby 2-3 times a day. 4. Give him boiled water bit warm till the cold subsides. This will relieve the child instantly
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