2 months old baby

Question: My son is 2 months 7 days old. He is having constipation problem. Any home remedy

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Answer: Mere baby ko b constipation h 2 din se.. Is k liye kiya karu me
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Question: My son got rashes on private part he is 2 months old any home remedy?
Answer: Hello First v need to see the reason y the rashes happen. It's mostly due to irritants in the urine or poo. It could also happen due to new food. New detergents sensitive skin a very tite diaper anti biotics taken by the nursing mom or baby. Give the baby some nappy free time so baby s nappy s area gets fresh air. Do not use a tite diaper. Change baby s diaper often be vigilant so u can change the diaper as soon as it's pooped. Avoid fragranced products. Putting on a plastic pant over a diaper can cause a hot environment.
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Question: Hi my baby is 2 months old. He is having constipation problem. Pls suggest some remedy.
Answer: Hello! If the baby is on breastmilk then if he is passing stools once in 10 days also it is normal and nothing to worry. Same way if the baby is on formula milk then passing stool once in 2-3 days is also considered normal. Hence, don't worry. Take care
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Question: Hi my son is 11 mth old. He is having fever any home remedy
Answer: Hi mom,  baby getting sick is a nightmare for moms and sooner or later baby will get some diseases so it's better to be strong to handle it. Here are some methods to try: Place a cool, damp washcloth on your child's forehead while he rests. Give your child a lukewarm tub bath or a sponge bath. As the water evaporates from her skin, it will cool her and bring his temperature down. Don't use cold water. It can make her shiver and cause her body temperature to rise. Likewise, don't use rubbing alcohol (an old-fashioned fever remedy). It can cause a temperature spike and possibly even alcohol poisoning.Offer your child plenty of fluids and chilled foods, such as ice pops and yogurt, to help cool the body from the inside out and keep her hydrated.Use a fan. Again, you don't want your child to be chilled. Keep the fan at a low setting and have it circulate the air around him rather than blow directly on her. Remove layers of clothing so your child can lose heat more easily through her skin. Dress her in one light layer. If he's shivering, give him a light blanket until he's warm again. Stay indoors in a cool place. Or, if you're outside, stay in the shade.
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