16 months old baby

Question: My son is 16month he doesn't chew food i have to mixture it and feed him what do I do

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Question: My son doesnt chew food..he is 18months old..doctor advised us to give him only solid and to skip the meal if he doesn't chew..what should i do??? He has skipped the breakfast
Answer: Hi Don't worry I suppose all teeth of your baby must have not been formed yet Hence he wouldn't be able to chew Besides he is been gulping since born Chewing would be a new activity that has to be thought with lots of patience Give him soft finger food and show him how to bite on and chew Slowly and gradually he would learn chewing on Ideal finger food would be cheese cubes, paneer cubes, steamed carrot, steamed beans, steamed apples, boiled potato ,etc
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Question: My 1yr & 4months son doesn't have food nor drink milk..only breast-feed.. what to do to make him have food..
Answer: Hello dear, If your baby don't want to eat anything, try these methods...Make mealtimes a happy, regular and social family occasion – sit together to eat with your baby whenever possible. Show your baby how much you enjoy eating the food you’ve prepared. ...Offer new foods when you and your baby are relaxed and she isn’t too tired or distracted by other things . Set a time limit of about 20 minutes for a meal. If your baby hasn’t eaten the food, take it away and don’t offer an alternative snack or meal....Offer new foods with foods that your baby already knows and likes. Keep offering new foods. It can take 10-15 tries for children to accept and enjoy new foods. Hope it helped, take care ur little one....
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Question: My son is 2.5 yrs old...he doesnt chew his food...he still perfers porrdige over anything else ... What should i do to make him eat
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Tell baby slowly that he should chew his food. Make food that he shows interest like paratha so he chews out of interest to eat it. Please try to avoid giving mashed foods.Make him eat with you and show him that he should chew and eat.It takes time but please don't stop trying. Fruits you can give in juice form as of now. He will definitely eat but till then keep trying.Good luck
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