16 months old baby

Question: my son had cochlear implant in both ear last month.. how can i train him at home for speech..

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Answer: Hi, here are some tips for parents how to train and take care of your kids with cohealer implants. Be patient. If your toddler doesn’t want to wear their CIs, try to distract them with something and then put them on or start a reward system for when they wear them Get to know the names of the equipment. Contact your cochlear implant manufacturer or your clinic as soon as any equipment problems occur Check your child’s magnet site regularly. Insure the magnets aren’t irritating their scalp.  Don’t be caught without enough equipment. Speak to your clinic or cochlear implant manufacturer about a loan kit and back up equipment if you are going on holiday Keep them dry. Use a dry box every night to eliminate any moisture absorbed by the processor throughout the day and remember to replace the brick regularly Get social. Follow the implant company on social media for any updates about the equipment, connect with other users and share stories! Educate others. Make sure everyone involved in your child’s care knows how to use their equipment and understands the importance of them wearing them at all times
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