12 months old baby

Question: My son eyes are red in the corner of his right eye. It last for 5 days. Y

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Answer: Hi, as a mother's are always worried about our kids. Eye can be red due to any dust particle entering the eye. Or it can be due to some infection. Wash the eyes with normal water use dry and clean cloth to keep the eye dry. However if the redness persist or increases you should show to your Dr ,he may give you some drops. Don't worry it will go away. Relax. Love to your baby
Answer: Might be ur baby has allergy in his eyes. Or might be baby has rubbed his eyes and also. Irritation can be the reason. Allergy can also occur due to some changes in ur baby's diet plan. Clean ur babies eyes 4-5 times a day and wait for one or two days. If the redness dont go then consult ur doctor
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Answer: Dear when it comes to eye please do not try any home remedies as it could be an infection which may get worse by trying any home remedies. Please consult eye specialist she will help you with the medication and treatment. Hope it helps.
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Question: My babies right eye corner is red she also smudges it every time what I should do
Answer: You pls write your night and weight in no....if you are over weight you can control weight...you can consult a dietician near by.
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Answer: Hi.. Dear please consult a pediatrician, he /she will see the baby and will be able to guide you better.
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