Question: my son drinks only one side of milk i.e., only my left side due to dat one side the size of breast is big wen compared to other.. I tried giving but he vomits as soon as I give the right side.. is it OK or any issue for me and baby

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Answer: many babies struggle to drink righten side..its not a issue..when u feed righten side u just raise ur shoulder..under u put a pillow..its baby also like ur she is ok.
Answer: I like kirthi's idea. My baby does that too. She does not feed from left easily. So when she is half asleep or half fed i change the side
Answer: consult your gynaecologist or pediatric
Answer: sm problem....
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Question: I am a mother of 6month baby nd i feed ma child ....size of breast has changed ...right side breast is ltl big as compared to left breast ....whts the reason?
Answer: If one breast gets more stimulation Than other, it will produce more milk and grow larger than the other on. It can happen when baby prefer have more milk from only one breast, or if you nurse more from only one breast, as long as your baby is getting enough milk and your baby growing well uneven breasts size is not matter of concern. But if you are uncomfortable with the uneven size of breast just follow some things. Feed more from small breast so that it will produce more milk get the big size like other. Feed baby more from small breast. Express milk from small breast so that it get big size by producing more milk. The more you feed your body will produce more milk.
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Question: Baby is 5days old..she only drinks milk one side she doesn't like to drink the other side..y does this happen?as she drinks only one side the other breast starts to leak n feels hard..wt to do
Answer: Hi. Many babies will cry, fuss, pull off the breast, etc. if they need to burp. Try to burp between breasts and after a feeding, It's perfectly normal. Give your baby lots of skin-to-skin contact between feeding Try different feeding positions, as your baby may find some positions more comfortable than others. Try offering your breast when your baby is asleep, or very sleepy Hope this helps
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Question: My right breast is heavy and big as compared to left one. Is anything serious? I'm worried
Answer: Hey dear don't worry...i think you would not noticed that you might be feeding your baby most of the time in right your milk circulation is increasing more in right side breast... just try to feed your baby in both side equally....
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