Question: my son drinks only one side of milk i.e., only my left side due to dat one side the size of breast is big wen compared to other.. I tried giving but he vomits as soon as I give the right side.. is it OK or any issue for me and baby

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Answer: many babies struggle to drink righten side..its not a issue..when u feed righten side u just raise ur shoulder..under u put a pillow..its baby also like ur she is ok.
Answer: I like kirthi's idea. My baby does that too. She does not feed from left easily. So when she is half asleep or half fed i change the side
Answer: consult your gynaecologist or pediatric
    Answer: sm problem....
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      Question: My breast milk is leaking alot....when i feed my baby on one side the other side is leaking what should i do
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