15 weeks pregnant mother

My skin around the nipple has become very dry kind of rashes on it its very itching...I tried applying oil and moisturiser ntg working wat should I do?

Take bio oil and avoid to iching because it can cause strech marks
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Question: Hi im getting itching sensation on the skin... Rashes kind of thing appeared... Applied cocunut oil but still didn't work, plz suggest wat to do plz
Answer: Check on ur water intke...i had same problem...increased water intake and it was reduced
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Question: Hi my baby has rashes on face.. and skin has become very dry.. which is the best cream to apply.. I have even tried sebamed bidu wash but not of much improvement .. bcz of his rashes his skin tone is turning dark.. please suggest me good body wash and moisturiser
Answer: Baby’s skin loses moisture much quickly compared to adults therefore it's important to protect his skin against harsh weather conditions. Use mildest soap for baby so that his natural skin oils are not ripped off. Apply baby lotion twice to keep skin hydrated and nourished all the time. Massage baby with oil before taking him to bath. Avoid using hot water to bathe baby as it makes skin dry. If sebamed isnt suiting then try aveeno. Or you can make it an at home using gram flour coconut oil milk cream and pinch of turmeric. Massage your baby with this ubtan and gently scrub after bathing apply almond oil all over his body.
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Question: After pregnancy my body skin has become very dry...i got itching too
Answer: As the body gets streched the there will be itching and dryness. Apply calamine lotion it's good for dryness and itiching as well
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