26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My sister baby is 9 Month old n again she pregnant with 6 month now.... So, is her breast milk is harmful to baby as baby pass blood in stool

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Answer: Ohh my god. Why she continued her pregnancy back to back 🙄🙄. As she is already pregnant and baby is 9 month old then she can stop giving best month as it has bad effect on mother's health. But this should not cause blood stool. Either baby is suffering from stomach infection or may be allergic to any food recently introduced. If a your sister started in new food to baby Betta to given that for sometime. if baby is suffering from bloody stool for more than 2 days better to consult doctor.
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Question: When a mother is pregnant her breast milk is harmful to older baby???
Answer: No..never.. You can feed your baby till your delivery date.. Its a blessing in disguise. You will lose weight.. You will be healthy.. But make sure you take nutritious food to supplement..
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Question: Hello wonderful ladies. Need your suggestions 🥰 My baby is 6 months old. As she is supposed to have solid food now so I'm giving her a banana mashed 2 times a day and 80ml of formula milk at bed time but as I started to give her solid food. She has lil constipation and doing green stool . Kindly tell me can I give her some water. P .s she is also on BF
Answer: Yes dear....whenever u feed him solid food then with that u should also give him some sip of water. This is needed so that ur baby will not get constipated.
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Question: Hi... My baby girl is always comfortable with me... She is not at all going to my husband... She yells and cries when he takes her in hands or goes near her.. At times she is oki with my mother in law... My Husband is so worried y she is like that.. How to make her attached with my husband
Answer: Don't worry dear baby is very small for now as she will start to grow she will understand the love of the father
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