32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My sgpt is 408 and sgot is 397 in lft...it's too high...I am 29th weeks pregnant...can it be cured? I m worried about it

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Answer: Don't worry. U consult ur gynaec. He will give medicines to reduce the level. They will monitor the levels frequently till the delivery. Iam also having this problm. Iam 34 weeks pregnant. They gave medicines for 2 weeks now has reduced the level. But told to continue the medicine.
Answer: Please take udilive 300 twice a day for 10days the value will go down. But pls prescription from ur gynecologist before taking the dosage.
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Question: Body itching from last 2 weeks. Lft report show increase in GGT SGOT and SGPT. I m worried.
Answer: Please don't worry it is very common to have increased sgot sgpt rise during pregnancy especially during the third trimester Avoid fatty and spicy food Take water in sufficient amount. Avoid pain killers and self medication. Constipation should not develop. Eat simple carbohydrate rich food like boiled potatoes oats, etc repeat lft after 1week
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Question: I am 29 weeks pregnant. Have been diagnosed with high SGPT(300) and high SGOT (140) leves after blood test..Can it be harmfull for my baby?
Answer: Elevated alkaline phosphatase levels of two to four times normal late in pregnancy are not a reason for concern. Elevated levels early in pregnancy may indicate a problem with the liver or bones and do need evaluation, although ALP levels alone are not diagnostic of any one disease since heart disorders, certain cancers, autoimmune diseases and gastrointestinal disorders can also cause a rise in ALP. Diseases such as mononucleosis and cytomegalovirus, which can be harmful to a fetus, can also cause rises in ALP. dont worry.. be strong... trust and follow your doctor suggestion.
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Question: Hi, I am 33 weeks pregnant. I test my SGPT and SGOT and as per report it's too High according to normal range. My SGPT is 115 and SGOT is 76. Please suggest me it's Normal during pregnancy and is it effected to baby. Please share Normal range of SGPT and SGOT during pregnancy.
Answer: Hi your levels seem high.It could mean pregnancy cholestasis or sever itching in hands and feet.It could be a cause of improper liver function in your baby and also to have jaundice , high bilirubin levels. there could be chance of pre term birth too. Please inform your doctor immediately to start necessary aid.You may be adviced to induce labour . For a better understanding of the test results and its effect n your baby consult your doctor immediately.
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