35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my gynaec said me plan cs around 20 jan my 9th month start from 10 th Jan it's good for me or not? complications are precious cs, weight gain 12 kg during pregnancy n swelling on abdomen n feet , bp normal plz answered me ..

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Answer: discuss with ur doc that y she is opting for c section ...if the baby is in breech position or water breaks and the pains havent started and mother having bp or gestationa diabetes or placenta previa condition then go for c section....check with ur doc first and discuss ur opinion with her
Answer: if u have any complications which cannot be overcome only then go for c section ..otherwise it's best try for normal delivery
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Question: Hi my daughter is 3 month 20 days old n she completely breastfeeded. But in every month her weight gain is about 500or 600gram. Her weight is now 4 kg 870gram . Is it good for her. Doctor said that weight thora kam hai. Is her weight shows any complications about her development.
Answer: Ideal weight should be 4.5-5.8 kg do not worry. It is a good weight do not worry. To increase diet you can give vit b12 supplement such as zincovit 1.5 ml daily. Ask your paediatrician. Keep breast feeding mire than 8-9 times Give topup feed aswell at nights. After 5 months and 20 days :-- Diet:- must include more if starchy foods such as potatoes booiled and mashed. Sweet potatoes, yam. Curd and rice. Kabuli chana dal well boiled and mixed eithboeas and potatoes Healthy soup made up of drumsticks and tomatoes. Fruit shakes:- banana pista and milk cream, chikoo shake with full fat milk. Custard apple and full fat milk. Mixed roti--- missi roti (jau, bajra, gehun, Makki, gwarfali k bij, chane) Nut powder+-- almond, Kaju, walnut, sunflower seed, flax seed watermelon seed. Give a mix and match of these foods. Take care. You should not worry
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Question: Hello doctor, my lmp ws 12/12/2018 and i had gone through upt at 20 th of jan it ws negative and now again i had examined on 28th of jan i got positive result n consulted dr also thy said wait for 2weeks unless ultrasound detects the fetus v cnt confirm your pregnancy what should i do now?pls suggest me
Answer: Don't worry eat healthy food and take rest don't lift weights
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Question: Hello Dr pls help me my edd is 30 jan diastolic bp is high it's near about 90 I m having labet 100mg od afi is 20 still head is not fixed n os is closed Dr said to admit on 31st she will induce pain so can u pls advice me what to do in this situation how many chances for normal ????
Answer: Hi dear, Your doctor has taken the right decision to induce labor at this stage.since your pressure is more ,you could have complications.normal delivery is possible,you donot have to worry much.keep walking around ,do brisk walks to help baby fix his head.moreover when you are in labor you would be able to bring the baby down to birth canal.
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